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Where are the tourist attractions in Mexico?


Tijuana- Tijuana has a history that goes back to 1910 which followed the Mexican Revolution where a group of Industrial Workers of the World briefly took control of the town. Mexican troops came to Tijuana on June 22, 1911 and hundreds of American troops from San Diego watched from the border. Soon after that the Hollywood community from California heard about Tijuana and everyone soon wanted to go to Tijuana. The Hollywood community did not mind the three hour drive down to the boarder because Tijuana was one of the closes areas near by that had a night life that never stopped. Tijuana offers several attractions such as bullfighting, fishing, greyhound racing, rodeo, shopping, and whale watching. Some of the best night life's in Tijuana are Baby Rock, Bacarat, El Jardin, El Lugar Del Nopal, Rodeo Santa Fe, and Senor Frog's.

Ensenada is located 70 miles south of the international border from California which is about 90 minute drive from San Diego. Ensenada is known as the “Cinderella of the Pacific” where everyone is greeted with its warm Mediterranean climate. Ensenada is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Mexico, and it has the second most visited port of call for major cruise lines. Ensenada's natural attractions are gray whale watching, la bufadora (blowhole), Parque Nacional Constitucion De 1957 (Laguna Hanson National Park), Catavina Cave Paintings, and more.

Puerto Vallarta is another famous location where people go for vacations. Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches. Puerto Vallarta is located in the western part of the state of Jalisco in central Mexico. Puerto Vallarta another great feature is that it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Vallarta has tropical forested mountains and mineral inactive volcano's that are above sea level. Puerto Vallarta has crystal clear blue water for you to snorkel or swim in. You can see all the fish in the water when you snorkel without worrying about cloudy water. Puerto Vallarta offers several different attractions like whale watching, snorkeling, clubs, and shopping.

Cancun is located in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun's temperature averages to about 80 degree's year round. The lowest it ever gets is about 65 degree's in January. Depending what month you are in Cancun the weather fluctuates, like in the month of May the temperature could go up to 100 degree's. Because Cancun is near the ocean the breeze from the ocean lets Cancun weather more bearable than if you were in Yucatan. Even though Cancun's hurricane season is between the months of July to November Cancun can still get hit but a storm called nortes. Nortes in Cancun can come on any given afternoon, it will rain as if there is a storm with high winds, then within an hour the black clouds will go away and you will have bright sun and blue skies later. One of the best times to be in Cancun is between the months of November and early December because there will be less tourists. The busiest time to be in Cancun is between the months of mid December to April.







Where are the tourist attractions in Mexico?

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